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The average number of websites compromised with formjacking code each month.
Source: Symantec

One wrong click on a bad link is all it takes, and your business could be down for days, or months, and in some cases, closed (out of business).

The IT security threat landscape is constantly changing, and business users are no longer confined to one location, like it used to be.

They connect from many locations and devices. They no longer need the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get work done as they can now just use cloud hosted applications.

At the same time, cyber threats are getting smarter.
Cyber threats continue to increase in sophistication with attackers often reusing the same infrastructure in multiple attacks.

For the small business owner or executive, with limited budgets and unskilled employees, this creates a huge challenge, and it is becoming difficult for them to keep up without investing in hiring expensive experts.

This is where managed web protection services can help.

Managed Web Protection is a major part of our small business portfolio.

Shield your business from the dangers of the Internet with web protection services and deployment tactics that could help you...

...prevent COSTLY DOWNTIME for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

As the web continues to grow and evolve, web-borne malware attacks grow and evolve as well, threatening endpoints and critical data.

As the level of risk continues to increase, organizations need the best web security available to battle such growth because, it is no longer a matter of if a small business or organization will be attacked by malware, but when such an attack will happen.

As hundreds and thousands of computer networks get compromised each day with the attendant loses of data and money, Tech Prognosis recognizes, and understands the security needs of today’s cloud-connected businesses and organizations.

Cyber Security Statistics:
Numbers Small Businesses Need to Know

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Forty-three percent (43%) of cyber attacks target small business.
Only 14 percent of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities and attacks as highly effective.

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Sixty percent (60%) of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

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Seventy-five percent (75%) of small businesses have no cyber risk insurance.

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Forty-eight  percent (48%) of data security breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent. Human error or system failure account for the rest.

Introducing the BinaryGuardiansm Multi-layer Web Protection Service

At Tech Prognosis, we believe that the only way to effectively protect your small business, or organization from these persistent threats is by using a multi-layered defense approach, also called Defense-in-Depth.

And it starts at the perimeter, with an adaptive solution like our comprehensive BinaryGuardiansm Web Protection.

The Web Protection service monitors traffic going in and out of your network – web browsers, email links, software and hardware requests to their mother-ships etc. When a suspicious activity is detected, the service will block the traffic and alert the user immediately, with an explanation of why the traffic was blocked.

The web filtering service is available through our Next Generation Managed Firewall appliances, as cloud-based solutions, or as a Hybrid solution, letting you easily see and control what websites your users are visiting.

Let us manage the protections of your business from cyber-threats, so you don’t have to.

Web Protection Categories

Benefits & features

Stop Web-based Threats

BinaryGuardiansm Web Protection tool secures your computer network and business against websites that could be used to push malware, phishing attacks, spyware, adware, botnets and spam, or even act as proxies.


  • blocks access to malicious,hacked, or inappropriate websites.
  • Block the downloads of malware, spyware, or risky content.
  • Step towards making your network more secure

Advanced Security

Web Protection layers numerous threat detection technologies to provide advanced protection from zero-day and known threats.


Deep content inspection scans compressed files, PDFs, macros, and graphics, looking for hidden malware.

When malicious files are found, they are quarantined, or deleted depending on the policy and rules specified.

Spyware and Privacy Protection

Every time a web page is accessed, there could be up to 208 activities going on in the background. There are advertising, analytics, tracking beacons and widgets, pixel dusts etc. With so much activity going on in the background, there is a high probability that spyware, malware and privacy violation tools will be installed on your computer.

BinaryGuardiansm Web Protection prevents malicious software from installing on your business computers, and will block most vectors of malware and privacy violations.


  • Keeps data accessible and safe
  • Provides the latest protection
  • Removes the stress of data attacks
  • Frees up valuable IT resources

Antivirus Scanning

The ability to scan web content before it enters the network is almost a necessity in this age of ransomware and increasing threats from the Internet. BinaryGuardiansm Web Protection service can help prevent viruses, worms, and other malware from infecting computers on the network.


  • Complete peace of mind about data security
  • Comprehensive testing of defense systems
  • Action plan to build up protection
  • Unified company-wide approach to data protection

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Let us manage the protections of your business from cyber-threats, so you don’t have to.

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