Vulnerability Assessment

Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses in Round Rock, and surrounding cities.

Computer System Vulnerability Protection

Is your network like a Leaky Bucket?

Confident that your business is protected?
Missing software and hardware vulnerabilities may just be the tip of the iceberg!

Small businesses are facing some of the greatest Threats Today than ever before!

 From Browser vulnerabilities, missing operating system updates, default configuration settings, and network viruses, to open firewall ports, there seems to be a report of a new software vulnerability being uncovered every day.

Software and hardware vendors act quickly to rectify these issues, but fixes take time to apply, and may require that critical systems be taken down. So updates get pushed out, but are never applied.

For peace of mind, Vulnerability Assessment provides a detailed report on exposed weaknesses and other issues on every device and application in your computer network, along with resolution recommendations from our cyber-security engineers.

Vulnerability management helps to protect your systems, minimize system compromise and safeguard your business by:

Automatically creating a catalog of your organization’s internal and external technology assets

Discovering and distinguishing between devices that are original to your enterprise, and those that are phony or gone rogue but are still associated with your company

Checking that your Internet domains are not been abused and used for illegal activities through a tactic known as subdomain infringement.

Identifying patch, configuration, hardware and operating system level vulnerabilities

The discovery and management of your organization’s Internet presence or “digital footprint” outside of your local network firewall.

Prioritizing and streamlining remediation through risk scoring and prescriptive guidance

The assessment is the starting point. Security, configuration and compliance are always changing. We ensure your IT assets and infrastructure are protected.

The Solution: BinaryGuardian℠ Vulnerability Management

Our BinaryGuardian℠ Suite of Managed Security Services were built from the ground up to keep your computer network secure and to give you a little breathing room with your budget.

The lineup of services allows you to leverage the best technology available while receiving expert configuration and support.

A vulnerability assessement can find, inventory, and monitor internet-facing assets in your computer environment –including the ones you don’t know about.

And we can manage it for you.

Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability assessment helps to identify weaknesses in a computer network that could include information technology (I.T.) systems, web servers and applications, firewall systems, Line of Business {LOB) applications, and communication systems like VoIP phones and Unified communication systems.

Our vulnerability management service will involve a detailed analysis of your IT network to identify any potential security risks and to offer guidance to ensure that your business is not exposed to external threats and that any applicable compliance requirements are being addressed.

Vulnerability Management

What can you expect from the service

None intrusive


We perform a scan of your entire network without interrupting your day-to-day business or device operation. The environment is assessed, capturing established security controls along with any vulnerabilities or configuration violations that impact the network.

Prioritize what's important


Following the assessment a detailed report provides high/medium/low rankings of vulnerabilities that have been identified enabling you to address the most critical issues first, to secure your environment.

Address issues quickly


In addition to prioritizing problems the assessment also provides prescriptive advice to assist in remediating the found issues. This helps to accelerate the time to address identified issues. Its like having your own consultant, at a fraction of the cost!

Reduce operating costs


A security incident can paralyze your business. Identifying and removing this risk will save you money!

Total peace of mind


Knowing that your network is protected from the latest known vulnerabilities and you are partnered with team of experts that can protect your network 24/7

In-House vs Outsource

A common dilemma facing many small organizations is the question of whether to outsource, or try to manage cyber security in-house.

Deciding to manage IT security in-house will require a lot of time commitment from your staff because it involves a lot of research, and high technical skill-sets, which in all likelihood, your employees do not have.

In addition, once you think you’ve found the right technology, there is the challenge of proper configuration.

A lot of the breaches in the news today are mainly due to poorly configured systems having full access to the Internet. Finally, there is the resources needed for continuous maintenance.

Suffice to say that to accomplish a robust security posture for your organization, you will have to hire, train and retain a cybersecurity specialist, if you can find them in today’s tight cybersecurity job market.

We recommend outsourcing to a Managed Security Service Provider (also called an MSSP), like Tech Prognosis.

We have professionals on staff who are specifically trained for this line of work, and it is all they do.

Let us manage your IT security so you don’t have to.

What Are the Consequences of a Cyber-Attack?

The growth and sophistication of cyber-criminals, ransomware and hacker attacks has reached epic levels. CEOs and executives like you  can no longer ignore it or foolishly think “that won’t happen to us” because when you fall victim to a cyber-attack, even if it was not your organization’s fault, people will either call you stupid, or irresponsible.

Here are some of the negative impact of a successful cyber attack:

When a data breach happens, do you think your customers will rally around you? Or have sympathy? News like this travels fast on social media. They will demand answers: HAVE YOU BEEN RESPONSIBLE in putting appropriate protections in place, or will you have to tell your clients, “Sorry, we got hacked because we didn’t think it would happen to us,” or “We didn’t want to spend the money.” Is that going to be sufficient to pacify them?

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is $225 per record compromised, after factoring in IT recovery costs, lost revenue, downtime, fines, legal fees, etc.

Some hackers don’t lock your data for ransom or steal money. Often they use your server, website or profile to spread viruses and/or compromise other PCs. If they hack your website, they can use it to relay spam, run malware, build SEO pages or promote their religious or political ideals.

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