IT Perimeter

Invest in the first layer of defense for your computer network

The IT security threat landscape is constantly changing, and it is going to be difficult for small organizations to keep up without investing in hiring expensive experts.

To properly protect your business, or organization from cyber threats, it is best practice to start with a strong perimeter – just like a castle during medieval times, which has multiple layers of defense – a moat, high walls, big gate, guards, etc.

Like most small businesses, odds are that you do not even know, right now, whether you have a decent firewall.

And if you have one, can you say with certainty that it is properly configured to protect you and your organization against incoming threats?

Managed IT Perimeter security is a major part of our small business portfolio.

IT Security starts at the perimeter

Perimeter security is securing  critical computer network devices like servers, workstations, databases, and other critical IT infrastructure and applications.

Many breaches occur because critical software and hardware are not updated on a regular basis. In addition, old policies, the ever increasing network traffic in and out of youe environment, as well as network hardware all need to be updated regularly.

Tech Prognosis can help your organization manage network security starting at the perimeter. As part of the BinaryGuardian Suite, perimeter security is delivered with installation, configuration, and deployment.

As is standard with all of our services, we take pride in providing a maintenance as part of your service, at no extra cost, and with round-the-clock support.

Worried about the security of your computer network? Relax! We got this.

Let us manage network security so you don’t have to.

IT Perimeter Network Defense Services

Network Router

Border Routers

Border routers are regarded as the first line of defense against cyber threats. They direct traffic into, out of, and throughout your computer network, and block, or allow access as needed.


A firewall is a device that has a set of rules specifying what traffic it will allow or deny to pass through it. A firewall typically picks up where the border router leaves off and makes a much more thorough pass at filtering traffic.

Computer Endpoint Security Scan

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Our intrusion detection service functions as an alarm system for your computer network to let us know when suspicious activity is taking place.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is an important perimeter defense system because when it is properly set up and monitored, it is a good way to catch attackers that have slipped past the first layer of defense like a firewall or router.

Performance Monitoring

Cloud-based Malware Detection

Unlike appliance-based solutions these are cloud-based services that sit outside your architecture and analyze traffic before it hits your network.

Phishing Attack Alert

Endpoint Protection

We can ensure that patches and antivirus updates for your PCs have been installed, prevent spam from reaching your network reducing the likelihood of your network being compromised.

In-House vs Outsource

A sound network security perimeter architecture requires multiple layers of defense, up-to-date and hardened policies and controls and segmentation.

When these are in place, it makes it a bit more difficult for the attacker to gain access to your crown jewels and easier for you to isolate and respond to breaches when they occur.

This reinforces the need for every organization, no matter the size, to have cybersecurity solutions in place. There are really only two options – Do it yourself or or have Experts with years of special skill-sets help you.

Does your organization have access to expertise in all aspects of perimeter security, including networking, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), UNIX security, and Windows security?

A lot of the breaches in the news today are mainly due to poorly configured systems having full access to the Internet. Finally, there is the resources needed for continuous maintenance.

In order to accomplish a robust security posture for your organization, you will have to hire, train and retain a cybersecurity specialist, if you can find them in today’s tight cybersecurity job market.

We recommend outsourcing to a Managed Security Service Provider (also called an MSSP), like Tech Prognosis.

We have professionals on staff who are specifically trained for this line of work, and it is all they do.

Let us manage your IT perimeter security so you don’t have to.

What Are the Consequences of a Cyber-Attack?

The growth and sophistication of cyber-criminals, ransomware and hacker attacks has reached epic levels. CEOs and executives like you can no longer ignore it or foolishly think “that won’t happen to us” because when you fall victim to a cyber-attack, even if it was not your organization’s fault, people will either call you stupid, or irresponsible.

And here are some of the consequences:

When a data breach happens, do you think your customers will rally around you? Have sympathy? News like this travels fast on social media. They will demand answers: HAVE YOU BEEN RESPONSIBLE in putting appropriate protections in place, or will you have to tell your clients, “Sorry, we got hacked because we didn’t think it would happen to us,” or “We didn’t want to spend the money.” Is that going to be sufficient to pacify them?

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is $225 per record compromised, after factoring in IT recovery costs, lost revenue, downtime, fines, legal fees, etc.

Some hackers don’t lock your data for ransom or steal money. Often they use your server, website or profile to spread viruses and/or compromise other PCs. If they hack your website, they can use it to relay spam, run malware, build SEO pages or promote their religious or political ideals.

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