Our partners make all the difference

Tech Prognosis strives to deliver the best services possible to our clients with the help of great technology partners.
By using trusted partners, our clients are protected from making wrong and costly decisions in their tectnology purchases and use.

Technology Partners

Lenovo Solution Provider

Just because your business is considered “micro”, “small” or “medium” sized, doesn’t mean you need less from your technology than “big” businesses. In fact, you probably need more. You need more support, more efficiency, and more flexibility precisely because your business isn’t big. That’s why we partnered with Lenovo.

Lenovo’s Small Business Solutions enables Tech Prognosis to offer your small business or organization the big business treatment it deserves, through a comprehensive set of products, services, and solutions.

By doing an assessment of your computer environment, we can quickly and easily identify the right server, desktop, laptop, or 2-in-1 for your organization.

Through Lenovo, Tech Prognosis offers a managed IT service like the “Device as a Service (DaaS)” subscription model, which lets you avoid tying up the precious capital that you need for other investments.

Your business may be small, but with Tech Prognosis and Lenovo at your side, you’ll have everything you need to succeed — big time.

Tech Prognosis, like Lenovo, is dedicated to transforming our clients experience with technology.

Our partnership with Lenovo allows us to offer a broad range of connected devices, from smartphones to the data center.

Microsoft Registered Partner

Our goal here at Tech Prognosis is to help our clients achieve secure, trustworthy, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices.
Partnering with Microsoft helps our clients simplify and streamline technology.

We offer Microsoft Solutions like:

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

And more..

Dell Registered Partner

Tech Prognosis wants to offer devices, accessories and Smart Space technology that lets our clients work the way they want.

Our Dell partnership provides access to integrated solutions for deployment, security and support of all end-point devices like:

Xerox Solution Provider

Xerox continues to hold a leadership position in managed print services.
With its industry-leading portfolio of products and managed print services (MPS), Xerox® is setting a new course for the entire office printing/solutions industry.

Our partnership with Xerox provides access to the broadest portfolio of managed print services in the industry to our small business clients.

  • Office printers,
  • XMPie Personalized Communication Software,
  • Xerox® Instant Print Kiosk,
  • Xerox eConcierge Supplies Assistant
  • Scanners
  • Software and Solutions
  • Workflow Optimization

And More…

Cisco Registered Partner

Cisco has technology and industry leadership. And that ties in perfectly with the strategic visions of Tech Prognosis for helping our clients grow and secure their businesses and organizations.

By partnering with Cisco, we can help our clients:

  • Improve their customer experience while growing their businesses,
  • Accelerate technology adoption, and
  • Simplify product and service renewals

Our partnership with Cisco helps us provide enterprise-class networking equipment and security services like: