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managing your computer network

Slow and unreliable technology can cripple business growth. And haphazard management and maintenance is only a short-term fix. We can help you expose issues that can prevent your company from working at full capacity.

Business IT strategies

Let our experienced IT advisors take a deep look into the possible risks of your tech investments in terms of hardware and software, and propose solutions for long-term profitability.

Keeping up with tech trends

Technology is changing rapidly, and it may be a challenge knowing what is good, and what is just hype. We can help you build a plan that fixes any gaps in your environment, prioritize your business needs and design a clear technology roadmap to get you where you want to go.

monitoring your assets

You often hear the term "you can't manage what you don't know. This is more so in technology where a device may be under a desk, or in the warehouse and totally forgotten. Until it causes a major havoc because it was hacked. We will put measures in place to prevent and respond to incidents that can cause upheaval in your business.

“...Scheduling a consultation with Tech Prognosis was the best decision I ever made, especially at the toughest period of our business growth. It was especially beneficial because our IT guy just left. ..."​
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Kim J

how we can help


Our experienced computer network advisors will take a deep look into the state of your IT systems, and the risks of what you have. Older equipment can cause bottlenecks sometimes.


We will then offer you several scenarios and map out a viable solutions package that aligns with your business objectives. You are under no obligations to purchase anything


More critically, we will support you all the way from design through implementation and after, which is where we see a lot of problems with IT implementations.

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