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Messaging &


Messaging and Collaboration

Add a collaborative approach to content management across all of your business units and improve your organization’s effectiveness, efficiencies and net profits.

Today’s workplace is demanding. And on top of that, there is an ever increasing need for tools that make work simpler and easier, that will accommodate the personal needs of employees and make the work place enjoyable. Plus, of course, there has to be information security as well.

Managed Collaboration is a major part of our small business portfolio.

What is commonly known as hybrid messaging could be the key to empower your employees and increasing productivity

Adding a collaborative approach to your organization by allowing all workers to share critical information and manage documents more efficiently than ever before will go a long way in increasing morale and raising efficiency. The tools for accomplishing these goals are message hygiene, document and email archiving, and unified mailboxes and communication.

Add a collaborative approach to content management across all of your business units and improve your organization’s effectiveness, efficiencies and net profits.

Our Messaging and Collaboration Solutions are the answer.

Message Hygiene

Using a combination of email filtering filtering techniques — connection filtering, sender filtering and recipient filtering, we can block more than 90 percent of spam attempts on your mail server.

Document and Email Archiving

Email Archiving is the process of capturing, preserving, and making all email traffic to and from your organization, easily searchable . By using Email archiving solutions your organization can capture email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport.

Document archiving refers to the process of placing documents in storage that need to be kept but are no longer in regular use.

Unified Mailboxes and Communication

A unified messaging system improves communication efficiency by combining all messages and various types of communication platform used by an employee into a single platform with one Inbox for email. The employee is then able to quickly check, hear, or read their messages, in one place.

Messaging and collaboration encompasses tools like E-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, collaboration

Re-inventing Productivity

E-mail & Contacts

Get more out of your information

Make better-informed decisions through centralized access to information and improved abilities to locate relevant content; implement comprehensive control over the storage, security, distribution, reuse, and management of documents and other electronic content such as Web pages, PDF files, and e-mail messages; submit work from collaborative sites to portals by using tools that simplify content reuse and publishing.

Calendar & Tasks

Streamline your business processes

Our Messaging and Collaboration Solutions accelerate internal and external shared business processes.

  • Share business information within and outside of your organization;
  • make business process initiation, participation, tracking, and reporting easy and flexible by providing a simple, consistent user experience through familiar client applications;
  • optimize the way people, content, and processes interact within and across organizations.
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