Managed Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Security Solutions for many small and medium-sized businesses mainly revolves around the wrong notion or belief that simply downloading the latest antivirus, firewall or anti-malware software is enough to keep their environments and employees safe from Internet threats. Many do not understand the complex nature of a comprehensive network security posture. Managed Security can be of great benefit to small businesses in Round Rock, TX and surrounding cities.

Managed Security Solutions by Tech Prognosis

Managed Security aims to address this dangerous false sense of security which is one of the major contributing factors of the high level of gullibility to Internet scams, email-borne viruses and other scams. Even more alarming are those business owners and executives who are content in taking advantage of what on the surface looks like reasonably priced, easy-to-use “all-in-one” security offering. The idea here is that these All-in-One products cover the security need, and business can go on as usual.

To avoid becoming easy prey for cyber predators, we strongly recommend that Commercial Printing businesses, Nonprofits and Membership Associations should invest in multilayered security solutions that can protect their organizations against online threats, malicious applications, and even data loss.

Since addressing threats and risks require a combined effort on the part of staff, management and strategic partners, Tech Prognosis has a number of solutions aimed at the prevention of harmful actions from malware, breaches, and other security threats and to detect and mitigate potential problems.

Our offerings cover the following areas:

These comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and technologies suit the needs of commercial printers, nonprofits, membership associations and other businesses, and offer benefits like:

  • Central visibility and risk control
  • Security Awareness Training For Employees & Partners
  • Enhanced Network Protection
  • Improved overall security risk posture

The managed security approach helps reduce an organization’s exposure to attacks, through threat protection, detection, and removal. Data collected using various feedback mechanisms, combined with a global multi-vendor research effort enables fast discovery of protection against new threats.

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