Managed Network Firewall

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What would be the cost to your business if your critical data were encrypted by ransomware, even for a day?

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Stay in front of cyber attacks with a Managed Firewall​

The IT security threat landscape is constantly changing, and it is going to be difficult for small organizations to keep up without investing in hiring expensive experts.

Like most small businesses, odds are that you do not even know, right now, whether you have a decent firewall, or if you have one at all.

And if you have one, can you say with certainty that it is properly configured to protect you and your organization against incoming threats?

A managed network firewall provides worry-free protection without the overhead of hiring expensive cyber-security experts.

How will a Managed Network Firewall benefit your organization?

Consider this – hardly a day goes by without some news about a data breach.

Security is about managing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organization’s information, and whether you believe it or not, your small business or organization is a target.

Managed IT Network Firewall Service is a major part of our small business portfolio.

Managed Network Firewall Provides Worry-free Protection

The risk of unauthorized exposure are more complex than ever, and the tools needed to limit these threats are getting more complex as well. Sadly, with the availability of ever increasing bandwidth and the use of cloud-based solutions, many organizations are not adequately protected.

Managed Network Firewall provides simple and powerful network security protection  for your Organization from ever increasing internal and external threats.

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, our next-generation BinaryGuardian℠ device safeguards the performance and integrity of your network so you can rest easy knowing that your organization and reputation are secure.

With our Managed Network Firewall we can provide round the clock protection for your organization’s network.

Spam, spyware, and hackers are just a few of the many threats the BinaryGuardian℠ detects and neutralizes before they can infect your organization. Daily security updates protect you from the latest attacks automatically, and network management tools help boost the availability of critical systems, including your VoIP phones and cloud-based apps.

Do you have to comply with regulations like HIPAA for healthcare or PCI DSS for credit cards? BinaryGuardian℠ from Tech Prognosis helps you meet and exceed these standards. It’s always ready to safeguard your network so you can focus on what matters most: your organization.

Benefits of a Managed Network Firewall

Increased Return on Investment

Increase the Return on Investment on Technology

The BinaryGuardian℠ protects one of your most important assets in your organization: the computer network. It protects your computers, digital phone line and related technology.
Your offices are kept uninterrupted by attackers and spam, and your network bandwidth is easily managed and prioritized.

Intrusion Prevention

Protect Your Employees from Themselves

The BinaryGuardian℠ Managed Network Firewall provides content and web address filtering and application control which helps to reduce the misuse of valuable bandwidth to the detriment of revenue generating activities.

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Protect Everything on Your Network

An organization's reputation is not built in a day, but it can be shattered in a matter of hours. The Managed Network Firewall from Tech Prognosis protects your brand and image by guarding your network.

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Reduce the Burden of Not Having A Technical Staff

The BinaryGuardian℠ Managed Network Firewall service from Tech Prognosis there are no mis-configuration of rules and policies. We'll help you avoid this, staying focused on more essential tasks.

Business Efficiency

Boost Efficiency and Production

Some of your network connections are more vital than others. For example, access to your production servers and remote offices is probably more important than access to a gaming web site.
You can prioritize any business-critical traffic so it’s never slowed by non-essential activity.

Business Agenda

Focus More on Your Organization

Cyber criminals launch hundreds of millions of attacks each year. These threats evolve every day, and so does the BinaryGuardian℠. Our daily security updates keep you protected from the latest exploits and stop them automatically.

Low Cost

Low cost of ownership

Have a fully managed computer network firewall solution for the same or less than a capital purchase that you have to manage yourself.

managed network firewall

Detailed reporting Information

No longer will you be unsure of how well your network is protected. We will provide you with reports monthly that let you know that your computer network is safe.

Key Features of Our Managed Firewall Services

Network security

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS).
Outbound traffic filtering by source, destination.
Port spoofing and scan protection.
Denial of service (DOS and DDOS) protection.
Dynamic blacklisting to block traffic from attackers.

Web security

Filter web traffic by topic, keyword, extension, file-type Enforce policies by user, user group, time of day, and IP address Set policies to allow or deny specified traffic HTTPS web filter with one-click activation Web filter caching and cache management tools

Total Peace of mind

Trying to stay ahead of malicious cyber attackers can be stressful However, knowing that your business computer network is safe and being protected by experts means you can sleep peacefully while we manage IT security.

Network management

Remote management with System status dashboard. Graphs of blocked and allowed traffic. Best practice analyzer and suggestions.

Email security

SMTP email filtering Easy integration with Microsoft Exchange Scanning with multiple anti-virus and anti-spam engines Configurable spam filter sensitivity

VPN remote access

Unlimited VPN tunnels to securely connect remote users to the office network Simple client generation Unique certificate for each client Clients automatically saved in the configuration backup file Support for iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux 2048-bit RSA encryption

Our clients say

Every effort is made to keep the IT network from going down and interrupting or interfering with business.
Membership Association Testimonial
Exececutive Director
Membership Association
Tech Prognosis set up our network to allow our employees to work from home securely. Now when someone has a family emergency, they can work while taking care of loved ones.
Insurance Agency Testimonial
Office Manager
Insurance Agency
We moved from an environment that was reactive to one that’s truly proactive. Now network issues are resolved before we even know about them.
Creative Arts Agency Testimonial
Graphic Designer
Creative Arts Agency
They give me peace of mind by making sure the network is monitored and supported 24/7.
Commercial Printer Testimonial
Commercial Printing Company

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