Technology as operating expenseAt Tech Prognosis, our vision is to create a stress-free life for the Executive Directors of Nonprofits and Associations, and the small business owner.

We make this possible by offering well-designed services that transform the way our clients acquire, manage, utilize and grow their organizations and businesses with Information Technology (I.T.).



Tech Prognosis Managed IT Services“We manage I.T. So You Don’t Have To” is the driving force behind everything we do at Tech Prognosis.

Whether it is protecting your network, web presence, Internet access, email or cloud services, you get more than the best tools for security and management. You get peace of mind, a productive business process, and flexible partnership terms that match your business model and industry-leading tech support from US-based engineers.



Tech Prognosis proudly partners with Commercial Printing companies, Non-Profit Organizations, Membership Associations and other small businesses with 3-100 employees.

Check BoxesWhile most of these organizations usually do not have enough budget for a full-time I.T. staff, they are in dire need of guidance in the area of information technology, data security, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our goal at Tech Prognosis is to help them manage I.T. so they don’t have to.



Tech Prognosis is dedicated to providing Managed I.T. support services that are aligned with your values. We are local and our support staff and partners are based in the U.S. – people we know and trust.

We are committed to supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. We exist to create experiences where our passion for technology and your business purpose for growth come together.

The team is led by Daniel Ihonvbere, Founder and CEO

Tech Prognosis Team MemberDaniel Ihonvbere (e-hun-very) is the Founder and CEO at Tech Prognosis, LLC.

Daniel is the lead architect of BinaryGuardiansm, the company’s flagship Managed IT solution, and oversees development, research and design of new features.

You can connect with Daniel on LinkedIn



Tech Prognosis is committed to delivering and providing Managed I.T. services to businesses and organizations in Round Rock, Texas and the surrounding community.

In this regard, we will strive to:

  • Tech Prognosis Code of EthicsAdhere to the needs of our employees and partners, treating all with respect and dignity.
  • Be honest, open and fair in all internal and external business.
  • Be supportive of efforts toward common goals with innovation and dedication.
  • Perform services in high ethical standard and moral values in accordance with professional guidelines.
  • Encourage individuals to embrace change and to enhance their personal and professional growth.
  • Provide employees the opportunity to attend training/workshops to improve skills.
  • Work together to accomplish and deliver prompt, accurate services.
  • Recognize staff’s potential for excellence based on their strengths.



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