Tech Prognosis

Managed Technology Solutions for Small Businesses

Tech Prognosis is focused on assisting small businesses and organizations in evaluating and integrating modern computing options to reduce cost and increase operational flexibility.

Our focus on the micro and small business sectors mean that we understand the unique IT challenges they face with regards to  IT management, data privacy and security.

We provide solutions and advice in the context of your unique business challenges.

Our collective knowledge of applications specific to the unique needs of this group allows us to tailor the most appropriate technology solutions for your firm.

Managed Technology is a major part of our small business portfolio.


At Tech Prognosis, our vision is to create a stress-free life for executives of nonprofits, membership associations, commercial printing companies, and other small businesses, like you, in the Round Rock area and beyond who often wear many hats .

Technology is changing at a very rapid pace and trying to keep up, in addition to the million other things you have on your plate, can be a bit overwhelming.

Let us help you manage the technology powering your organization so you can focus on helping your donors, members, clients and customers, and growing the bottom-line.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

What We Do

We reduce the stress caused by having to deal with unreliable information technology (IT) services and service providers, where things that are supposed to just work, don’t.

By offering well-designed services that transform the way you and your organization acquire, manage, utilize and grow with Information Technology (I.T.), we can make IT just work, the way it’s supposed to.

We believe that technology, when applied properly can exponentially take your organization to greater heights because it can remove so many constraints and limitations that small organizations face.

Our Brand

Whether it is protecting your network, web presence, Internet access, email or cloud services, you get more than the best tools for security and management.

You get peace of mind, a productive business process, and flexible partnership terms that match your business model, all backed by an industry-leading tech support from US-based engineers.

We Can Manage I.T. So You Don’t Have To.

“Doing the I.T. grunt work so that our clients don't have to, and giving them the time they could be spending on managing IT back, is the driving force behind everything we do at Tech Prognosis."

Daniel Ihonvbere, CEO

How We Work

Business Meeting
Stage One

Initial Meeting

We take the time to personally learn and gather information about you and your business to ensure that we make the best technology decisions to meet your needs. Once we have all your business pain points fully fleshed out, then we’ll start the next phase of our strategic planning process.
Initial Meeting
Initial Meeting 20%
Stage Two


After meeting with you, the next step is to review what you currently have in place. Doing a comprehensive review of your existing network infrastructure, including off-site devices, gives us a clear picture of how technology is deployed in your environment.
Review 35%
Business Review
Network Documentation
Stage Three

Network Documentation

Once we have the relevant data about your IT deployment, we will begin documenting the network with the goal of having an idea of where things are in your environment – from the computer in the front office, to the forgotten switch in a closet somewhere – so you can easily get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Network Documentation
Documentation 50%
Stage Four

Bring systems up to date

Usually, after the initial review or assessment, we find that there are systems that are woefully out of date. Most of the time, it is the out-of-sight hardware – switches, routers, modems etc. We will bring these up to date by applying relevant patches.

Update Systems
Update Systems 65%
System Updates
Business Proposal
Stage Five

Action Plan Briefing

At this stage, we should have a fairly complete idea of your business goals and the state of your current I.T. systems. Coupled with the outcome of the assessment, we now hash out an outline of what we believe should be done in the form of an action plan, or in more traditional terms, a proposed line of action.

Solutions Recommendation Briefing
Solution Recommendations 85%
Stage Six

Dedicated Maintenance

This is arguably the area where we see our clients running into trouble.
The service provider installs the systems, takes their money and gradually disappears, or becomes complacent.

We will provide consistent and continuous oversight of your entire business technology system with a team of IT experts.

Ongoing Maintenance
Maintenance 100%
Maintenance in Progress

Why should you trust us with your computer network?

It is a big ask!

There are a several managed IT services providers like us out there, and we are pretty much all saying the same thing:

“Trust us with your IT”.

But, why should you? How can you hand over your critical data and the business or organization you’ve worked hard to build to a complete stranger to manage?

There are no easy answers, unfortunately.

One thing we do know for sure is that we can give you at least nine good reasons, or ten, why you should give us an opportunity to earn your trust.

Try any of our services for 30 days with limited access to your IT infrastructure to see how it fits.

It will also give you time to get to know us.

But critically, you would not have given us the “keys to the kingdom” in a manner of speaking, that will require changing passwords, locks, bank accounts etc. should you decide it’s not what you want.

If after the trial period, you are not completely satisfied, or decide that we are not a good fit, both sides can move on.