The Top 9 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Outsource Your IT Support To Us:

  • We Are Local

We know you’re busy and have made a commitment to making sure your computer problems get fixed FAST. While most repairs can be done remotely using remote management tools, what happens when Internet connection is down, or you need someone to come to the office to take a look at something? It’s going to be a long wait, since most IT service providers use technicians based in foreign countries.
Instead of  having someone “walk you through” fixing your computer problems, wouldn’t you rather have someone in your community? We are your neighbor, and can be in your office within minutes if necessary.

  • No Forced Long-Term Contracts

If you’ve ever wanted to stop a service, but were told you have to wait for three years or pay a hefty penalty, then you’ll understand why long-term contracts can sometimes be a burden. While there are certain benefits in long-term contracts and agreements, we don’t force our clients into signing one. We will give you the option of using our services without a long-term contract, if that is what you prefer.
We want you to keep working with us because you love us, not because you’re “locked” in. This means that you can cancel the service at any time, if you feel it is not the right fit.

  • No Geek-Speak

You deserve to get answers to your questions in terms you can understand, not in confusing technical terms. Our technicians will also not talk down to you or make you feel uncomfortable because you don’t understand a particular technology and how it works. That’s our job, and why you hired us! We are here to manage IT so you don’t have to..

  • We Answer Our Phones Live

When you are calling your IT company with an important issue, wouldn’t you prefer to speak with a real person, rather than wade through voice prompts and leave a message that nobody ever responds to? We answer our phones live during business hours. If you do leave a message, we will respond to your support requests within the hour.

  • 100% No-Small-Print Satisfaction Guarantee

Quite simply, if you are not happy with our work, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right to YOUR standards without charging you for it. And if we can’t make it right, the service is free.

  • All Projects Are Completed On Time And On Budget

When you hire us to complete a project for you, we won’t nickel-and-dime you with unforeseen or unexpected charges or delays. We guarantee to deliver precisely what we promised to deliver, on time and on budget, with no excuses.

  • We Don’t Bill for Labor

The way other IT service providers get you is to offer “Managed IT Services”, then proceed to charge you for labor when you want to add servers and computers, or install software. Some even charge you to come in on weekends to do their job!

The Tech Prognosis model includes the time for projects, training and support. This allows us to implement the needed projects and solutions for your business based on their biggest impact to your office. The benefit of this approach is that it addresses the common issue offices often run into where projects that would have a direct impact on their bottom line are delayed due to the prohibitive cost of labor. When we say we are your IT department, we act like one.

  • We Won’t Hold You Hostage

Many IT service providers have a habit of not providing their clients with clearly written, simple and easy-to-understand documentation that outlines key network resources, passwords, licenses, etc.  This is all an attempt by these IT companies to make it difficult for their customers to move to a different provider if they are not satisfied with the level of service.
This does not make sense, and is, to say the least, unethical and unprofessional. As a client of ours, we’ll provide you with full, written documentation of your network and all the resources, software licenses, passwords, hardware, etc., in simple terms that you can understand.
We keep our clients by delivering exceptional service — not by keeping them in the dark.

  • Peace Of Mind

We monitor all of our clients’ networks round-the-clock. This means you never have to worry that a virus has spread, an intruder has broken in or a backup has failed to perform. Tech Prognosis will watch over your entire network, taking the management and hassle of maintaining it off your hands.
This means you can stop worrying about your IT systems, security and backups, and you can focus on things that may have been on your wish list for a long time like growing your customer base and running your business, taking a vacation, spending time with friends and family, or just being able to sleep like a baby.

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