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Is your technology investment moving your nonprofit or membership organization towards its goals or mission? Do you feel frustrated and stressed out because the "IT" staff you have is not getting the job done? Test drive our Virtual IT Department and other services for 30 days, risk free.

Tech Support Services Free 30-Day Trial

Tech Support Services have always been something that businesses struggle with, and for small businesses and organizations, the frustrations and high costs are greatly magnified due to limited budgets and little to no qualified information technology (IT) personnel.

If you are the CEO or Executive Director of a small business, association, commercial printer, or nonprofit in Round Rock, TX and surrounding cities and are sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars on computer upgrades, support and repairs with no end in sight, Tech Prognosis can show you how to cut your IT (tech support services) costs on repairs and maintenance by 15% to 25% or more.

And we are ready to let you try any of our managed tech support services for 30 days with no obligation to purchase anything.

A business owner’s time is his or her most valuable resource.
Whether your business has one employee or one hundred, your time is
better spent on the front lines instead of in the back office doing administrative or technical tasks.

More important, as a business leader, you have to develop better systems for time management so that your organization’s true priorities are getting your full attention. As David Russell of Manage To Win puts it, it is your job as a leader to “make the tough decision to choose what is great over what is good”.

To help you choose what is great, and avoid or delegate the stress, headaches, fire drills, hysterical urgencies, and unnecessary office drama that comes with managing technology, try any of our managed tech support services for 30 days to see if it’s a fit for your organization.

Tech Prognosis Tech Support Services 30-Day Trial

We are so sure of the benefits these services bring to your organization in terms of improved security, employee satisfaction, and overall uptick to the bottom-line, that we will allow you to use any of the tech support services FREE, for 30 days! No obligation to purchase anything, no contracts to sign, no upfront deposits.

At the end of the trial period, we will review the results with you and if you decide it’s not what you want, we will shake hands and say “Thank you, maybe next time”. That’s it.

Call (512) 814-8044, or use this form to request a 30-day trial of any of our managed technology services today.

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