Network Analysis and Security Assessment

Network analysis and security assessment is more important today than ever before. Regularly scheduled network vulnerability scanning helps organizations identify weaknesses in their network security before those with malicious intent strike.

Network Analysis and Security AssessmentThe goal of running a network analysis and security assessment is to identify devices on your network that are open to known vulnerabilities without actually compromising your systems.

Businesses and organizations today depend on their computer networks to stay productive and profitable. It is therefore alarming to note that a majority of small business, particularly those in Round Rock, TX and surrounding cities are practically clueless as to what is on their network. Many have server computers, workstations, printers, routers, hubs (yes, many still use hubs!), switches Internet phones, and all kinds of user-owned devices that are totally unknown to management.

For commercial printers, non-profits and membership associations, this lack of knowledge is understandable – they simply do not have the manpower or expertise to perform a thorough network assessment and analysis.

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As technology continues to allow businesses to work from anywhere in the world, and given the sheer number of connected devices and the software that drives them, loopholes and vulnerabilities are bound to appear in these devices and these vulnerabilities transfer to companies’ networks. A hacked network or security breach can be catastrophic to a business, and can often lead to the loss of important, classified information. In some cases, negligence in protecting customer information and data is a direct violation of federal and state regulations, and can lead to very costly lawsuits because of the lost data.

When you engage the services of Tech Prognosis, trained teams of certified network managers and cybersecurity specialists will sit down with you and your team to help your business develop and implement a secure technology strategy. This strategy session will lay a solid foundation for closing device and software loopholes that could expose your organization and it’s critical data to danger from vulnerabilities, malicious attempts to gain entry into your computer network.

What Happens During A Network Security Assessment?

During the assessment, the goal is to examine the entire computer network and look for key anomalies like:

  • Are there unauthorized users and devices in the environment? These could be rogue printers, mobile devices, wireless access points, and computers that everyone thought were no longer in use;
  • Are there unmonitored internet access points, improperly configured firewalls, network-enabled printers with access to the Internet;
  • Are there, and unknown, illegal and unpatched software installed on the network. Is the network operating at optimal level, or are there inconsistencies in network access behavior that is negatively impacting the organization;
  • Are employees able to perform their tasks quickly and easily, or are there pockets of frustrations with computers, printers, or Internet access.

Our technology is non-intrusive and allows us to uncover network and security issues without the need to install any software or diagnostic programs on your network. Most network analysis and security assessments take less than 30 minutes from start to finish, and even while they are being performed, your employees will hardly know that we are there since ther is minimal network impact in terms of resource usage.

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